Mairead Dunne is an artist and illustrator from Ireland, who lives and works in Falmouth, Cornwall. She graduated with an MA in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth University, 2016, and has an MFA from the University of Ulster, Belfast, 2008. Her experimental style of photography won the Michael Marks Illustrated Poetry Award at the British Library, London, 2016.


Dunne's miniature tableaus reveal hidden worlds and dark portals developed through research in photography and camera obscura ideologies. Each tableau is carefully composed; playing with the theatricality of the reveal and the compositional layering of real space. Inspired by early Russian animation; her photographic work is shot using long-distance shooting techniques and obscuring devices - creating illusory spatial fields and depth of image.


The work's narrative remains open to interpretation - offering a glimpse of a distinctly private world that plays on concealment. Illuminated through obscure peep-holes and cinematic camera angles; the audience is rendered voyeur to a dystopian landscape of alienated figures and unlocatable time periods. With an aesthetic that can be directly linked to her background in painting; the influences of Folk art and Victorian photography is evident throughout.